PAGS® - Provides excellent resources and a well-intentioned approach for teachers to identify and support neurodiverse children and adults

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Through the increasing importance of inclusion, proper guidance of neurodiverse children will become ever more important.  By implementing meaningful interventions, they will be upskilled not only academically but more importantly, for life. This is clearly of great importance for a society.
— Feliciea Jibson -
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This is a detailed assessment of the skills underpinning learning. It will set targets, develop effective interventions and map student progress with 24/7 digital access.

PAGS® platform can be accessed at:

Our Mission

We aim to help teachers and professionals to develop skills that enable learning for children and young adults with social thinking difficulties including autism of all ethnic and social background worldwide.

What is PAGS®

PAGS® recognises the uniqueness of learners. It produces a summary of strengths and needs; giving the professionals the information to develop effective interventions. PAGS® is a mapping process in which any progress or regression is highlighted guiding the practitioners to meet and support development of functional skills for life. 
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About Feliciea


Founder of PAGS

I am passionate about bringing considered and quality education to all students with autism and I devote a lot of time researching and staying up-to-date on the latest brain development discoveries to make sure I offer the best support for them. I am registered with the Society of Education Consultants UK. 

The concept of PAGS was initiated by myself, and is now a continued collaboration with a group of professionals; pooling a wealth of experience.

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Our family had the pleasure of working with Feliciea and seeing firsthand the benefits of PAGS®. After many years of traditional testing and working with individual specialists, PAGS® enabled us to receive a full profile of our son in a short period of time.

Not only did we receive a visual mind map of his personal development profile, making his strengths and weaknesses clearer to understand; we also received useful strategies and guidelines as a parent, to implement and develop over time.

I believe that PAGS® would be a great tool and resource for any school, teacher, practitioner, who works or lives with a child with special educational needs.
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PAGS® is a digital communication platform for all professionals who will be working with your son or daughter. 

“Often your child is surrounded by four different professionals who are following different targets from their professional perspective, what about having a common ground? How do you measure the progress made? This I feel is missing... with PAGS®, all these services are bounded together, offering a holistic view of your son/daughter.   

Parents can share the PAGS® report, child’s personalized goals and effective strategies with the class teacher, learning coach, private tutor or an educational consultant.”

Dr. Kwan Bruhl, Clinical Psychologist, Belgium


Testing period starts from the 1st June so contact us to receive more information. Book your demo today!