This is a detailed assessment of the skills underpinning learning. It will set targets, develop effective interventions and map student progress with 24/7 digital access. Available from February 2019.

Our Mission

We aim to help teachers and professionals to develop skills that enable learning for children and young adults with social thinking difficulties including autism of all ethnic and social background worldwide.

What is PAGS

PAGS Assessments recognizes the uniqueness of learners. It produces a summary of strengths and needs; giving the professionals the information to develop effective interventions. PAGS is a mapping process in which any progress or regression is highlighted guiding the practitioners to meet and support development of functional skills for life. Read more


An in-depth, pupil-centred assessment of the skills underpinning learning. It can be fed into reports and annual reviews giving greater in-depth knowledge than a normal assessment would, and help when writing EHC plans

Identifies gaps in skills-acquisition enabling targets to be set


This will provide robust data for OFSTED as it includes an easy scoring system which will show progress graphically

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About Feliciea


Founder of PAGS

I am passionate about bringing considered and quality education to all students with autism and I devote a lot of time researching and staying up-to-date on the latest brain development discoveries to make sure I offer the best support for them. I am registered with the Society of Education Consultants UK. 

The concept of PAGS was initiated by myself, and is now a continued collaboration with a group of professionals; pooling a wealth of experience.

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Your enthusiastic, dedicated support has made such a difference to Katy and her peers’ lives. You have truly been an inspirational, passionate advocate for learning - finding new ways that our young people can use to make their lives more fulfilling. When Katy joined, you were quick to identify her needs, and how they could be met. Katy could adapt to enable her to communicate and learn more effectively. Your advice has been invaluable!
— Sue Callaway, Kate's parent
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PAGS is nearly ready for software development, but before taking this leap we wish to carry out more final trials in schools and colleges. To this end we are looking to enrol other institutes, in a similar fashion to our visit to trial at The Grove School. Please contact us if you would like to subscribe to this crucial stage by using these options:

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