PAGs is new, unique framework for young learners with autism or moderate to severe learning difficulties. Available from December 2018.

Our Mission

We aim to help teachers and professionals to develop skills that enable learning for children and young adults with social thinking difficulties including autism of all ethnic and social background worldwide.

What is PAGS

We have created an assessment package that aims to help teachers and professionals set goals for learners with Social Thinking difficulties, including autism, Dyslexia, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), ADHD, attachment disorder and conduct disorder.  The assessment, PAGS (Profile Assessment and Goal Setting) has been developed to underpin curricular learning.  We felt that because of the difficulties many of our learners have as a result of their diagnosis or their life experiences, they have not developed the skills that they need in order to be able to access the academic curriculum.  This leaves them doubly disadvantaged.  PAGS aims to assess these skills that underpin curricular learning and to facilitate skills goal setting that fits alongside that curriculum.

PAGS Assessments recognizes the uniqueness of learners. It produces a summary of strengths and needs; giving the professionals the information to develop effective interventions. PAGS is a mapping process in which any progress or regression is highlighted guiding the practitioners to meet and support development of functional skills for life. 


Assess; An in-depth, pupil-centred assessment of the skills underpinning learning. It can be fed into reports and annual reviews giving greater in-depth knowledge than a normal assessment would, and help when writing EHC plans.



Set Targets; Identifying the gaps in skills-acquisition enabling targets to be set.



Map Progress; providing robust data for OFSTED as it includes an easy scoring system which will show progress graphically.


Services & Professional development 

  • PAGS enables the assessor to learn through carrying out the assessment process.

  • Implement your PAGS assessment personalized programmes with quality

  • Achieve your school development targets

  • Support teachers and practitioners to grow in their profession

  • Build competencies to connect data with teaching and learning

What is learner’s progress?

  • Through PAGS, practioners understand how learners have progressed and compare their score with their previous one.

  • Teachers can compare individual scores with other peers on similar score.