Sint - Jozef OV4, Antwerpen

In Opleidingsvorm 4 (OV4) bieden wij het programma van het reguliere onderwijs aan aan leerlingen die omwille van hun lichamelijke, (neuro-) motorische beperkingen en/of autismespectrum stoornis niet (meer) in een gewone school terecht kunnen. Omdat deze leerlingen het programma van het gewoon secundair onderwijs volgen, kunnen zij ook dezelfde getuigschriften behalen als in het reguliere onderwijs.

Sint-Jozef OV4 offers secondary education for students that, due to a physical, (neuro-) motor or autism spectrum disorder, need additional support to complete a regular secondary school programme. By attending the programme at Sint-Jozef OV4, students will at the end obtain the same degree and certificate as students that go to a mainstream Flemish school. 

We have an amazing feedback from Sint-Jozef OV4:

How could you see the PAGS system or an assessment and monitoring system for tracking social, communication, self-regulation and cognitive skills being of value to the school? 

As a school we have been working on developing a more efficient system to set goals around social, emotional, communication, self-regulation, and cognitive challenges and work on them collectively.  The PAGS system fits within those developments we have been working on. It helps to have targets based on norms and the extensive research behind it. We sometimes experience that students passing from the first to second or third degree (there are 3 degrees in Flemish secondary education) lack skills that ‘officially’ should have been developed earlier on. It is not always easy to observe that on time and start working on it immediately. A system like PAGS helps to spot this earlier and therefore work more efficiently on the goals. 
Furthermore, a system that is collectively used as a team and not just by 1 team member (e.g. not just by a member of the health care team, but involves the teachers more) will lead to greater cooperation, more awareness of the student’s skills and needs and better outcomes. 

It helps to have targets based on norms and the extensive research behind it.

Tally Nuytten, Directeur, SINT-JOZEF OV4, Antwerp, Belgium,

Feliciea Jibson