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“PAGS is so structured and everything is there for the teachers to assess the students and work on the platform. For a teacher with limited time, this is a very good tool, to have the targets and strategies in one place. This is easy for the teachers to focus on developing the gaps.”

Sara Baldry, Director of Learning at Nisai Group

Survey feedback

What are your biggest everyday challenges regarding working with neuro-diverse students in online learning?

Many of our students are on the Autistic Spectrum and so staff are required to have a deep understanding of how to break down barriers associated with this. For example. Social, communication and imagination requirements in schools are causing ASD students to become maladapted to the setting. At Nisai we minimise the requirements of such and aim to personalise learning and expectations based on the individual. Many ASD barriers, such as: social, emotional, sensory processing and communication difficulties are already broken down due to the pedagogy. 

How could you see the PAGS system or an assessment and monitoring system for tracking social, communication, self-regulation and cognitive skills being of value to the group? 

I can see this being incredibly valuable because we can measure `soft-skill` progress for a deeper understanding of our student.

Corrina McEwan, Head of Online Learning, NISAI GROUP UK, Lamas and the HUB.