St John the Baptist 


John Pibworth | Acting headteacher 

St John the Baptist School is a Church of England School founded in 1881, located in the Clarendon Park area of Leicester. Currently over 500 children attend, aged between 4 and 11.

As a school we are committed to enabling all children to achieve their full potential in all areas of their lives. We believe in the unique, individual worth of every child and that all members of our learning community have the right to excellent standards in all areas of the school's life. Teachers, parents, governors and friends work together to ensure we remain a school that is continually evaluating its provision.

The ethos of our school is underpinned by the belief that all members of the school community have the right to work, play, develop and learn in a friendly, safe, positive and supportive environment that celebrates and respects our differences and has at its heart the belief in the individual worth of every member of the school community.

About PAGS® expectation:

“I am very optimistic about using PAGS®, I am looking forward to giving it a try, we have lots of children with social and emotion difficulties at school and ASD and ADHD. 

So, it will be very helpful to have some tools to help us identify the next steps and strategies and provision. 

So, I am really looking forward to that!“

Suzanne Holden