European School Mol


Since 1960, ESMol welcomes children from European and overseas families who live and work in Belgium or the Netherlands. Every day, buses bring pupils from Antwerp and Eindhoven.

“At the centre of the European school in Mol is the development of our Students: developing into active, conscientious citizens. Student’s opinions, participation in school life and their active involvement in the everyday running of the school are promoted throughout their school career. ES Mol is smaller than most other European schools and as such has a family feel, where students and staff all know each other personally. As a result we can offer smaller than average class sizes and in particular can tailor the programme in the final two years to meet the exact needs of individual students.”

Myriam Lancelot


“I come to the realization that this child in my class needs special attention and it was really clear to me that it was a question for me setting targets for him, putting him a situation that he feels comfortable and giving him more pride in himself.”

Teacher Joann