Affiliated Partners: SANEX-SPLIT d.o.o.

SANEX is Felser’s affiliated partner and committed to supporting neurodiverse learners in achieving their expected level within European Educational System. By making accessible PAGS® as a digital communication platform for Croatian and other European organisations and professionals, SANEX assists educators in setting bespoke and personalised targets for learners with social thinking difficulties related to autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, PDD, ADHD, attachment disorder and conduct disorder, moderate and mild learning difficulties. 


SANEX-SPLIT d.o.o. is a reputable international Croatian company which has built an education system for entrepreneurs leading over 500 workshops, seminars, lectures in various areas that are essential for developing relationships and brainstorming new ideas. 

“We, at SANEX-SPLIT believe that every child has equal value and should have access to outstanding education provision. It is our aim to provide access to instruction tools, such as PAGS®to meet the needs of learners and help them grow functional skills through innovative and inclusive education. “ Aisa Milovic, Prokurist of SANEX-SPLIT d.o.o.

SPLIT d.o.o. 


Ul. Sedam Kaštela 2,  21000 SPLIT;  OIB: 53549545257   


Tel/fax: 021/453-590; mob. 091-453-5901

Efti Enterprise

EFTI Enterprise is Leading Educational Assessment and Diagnostic Service Provider in East Africa. An Efti Educational assessment helps teachers and parents to understand a student's learning difficulties and explain why they are struggling in school. With this information teachers can develop targeted and timely interventions that enable the student to experience success in school.

The company is led by Scilla Allen M.Ed. PGC. She has over 30 years experience in mainstream and special education, working in the International and British education systems, mostly within Kenya. She has a Masters in Special Education, a Post graduate certificate in psychology and is registered with the British Psychological Society as a specialist assessor. Scilla is currently working on a Phd. in Educational Psychology.

Helping children and young people thrive and reach their full potential’, is EFTI’s mission and by becoming Felser’s affiliated partner, EFTI makes PAGS® accessible as a digital communication platform for schools, organisations and professionals in East African countries. For more information:


Tel: +254720857072