Founder of PAGS®

I am a Qualified Teacher with 17 years of special needs experience with students on the autism spectrum and challenging behaviour.  In 2014 I earned my Masters degree in Autism at the University of Birmingham.

Before opening Felser Training and Consulting in 2017,  I worked 4 years as a Lead Teacher in a Centre of Excellence for students with severe and profound learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities and complex medical needs.  

I am passionate about bringing considered and quality education to all students with autism and I devote a lot of time researching and staying up-to-date on the latest brain development discoveries to make sure I offer the best support for them. I am registered with the Society of Education Consultants UK. 

The concept of PAGS® was initiated by myself, and is now a continued collaboration with a group of professionals; pooling a wealth of experience.



Nazia Ansari  B. Ed. (Special Education)  Inclusive Education Consultant  Contact Nazia at:  inclusivityeducation@gmail.com

Nazia Ansari B. Ed. (Special Education)

Inclusive Education Consultant

Nazia Ansari is an inclusive education consultant with 14 years experience in the field of special education. She has taken on leadership roles in a variety of settings and has been actively involved in the development of resources aimed at improving assessment and goal setting for neurodiverse learners. Nazia works directly with students in order to ensure that they are being supported and also has experience in training preservice and in service general education teachers. Nazia is passionate about inclusion and believes that with the right strategies- neurodiverse learners can gain meaningfully from the mainstream curriculum.

“Curriculum access for neuro-diverse learners can only succeed when a learner is supported in the building of skills that enable them to gain meaningfully in an educational setting. PAGS has proven to be a useful supplement in supporting learners to access the curriculum by highlighting crucial areas to be developed for a learner to enjoy a successful schooling experience.” Nazia Ansari

Email: inclusivityeducation@gmail.com

tel: +447909797760