Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, London, 29th August 2019

'Understanding how the world might feel for a neurodiverse learner'

"We had an opportunity to meet and train the staff at Lycée International, sharing with them our experience and research in the child development and neurodiversity . This training referred to the general aspects of neurotypical brain and related neurological conditions in children and adults with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, PDD, dyspraxia, social thinking and learning difficulties and how to unlock their barriers to achievement. The school is led by Mireille Rabate, Headteacher. Together with Colette Shulver, Head of student Wellbeing and Learning Support Service and the dynamic staff, they have been committed to supporting inclusion and neurodiversity. Inclusion nowadays promotes that our neurodiverse learners should access the curriculum and have differentiated targets. ‘In a world of profound and rapid change, education cannot stand still; the skills and abilities we develop in children must evolve too’, the school points out.‘Research in neuroscience and education shows there are almost as many learning styles as there are individuals. Education needs to be centered around the student’s learning experience.’

Feedback from staff at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill.

‘Dear Feliciea your training was super valuable and the staff really appreciated your energy, enthusiasm and expertise’. Colette Shulver at Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill, 29th August 2019

What they took with them from the training? ‘Some useful ways we could assist learners in the classroom, and what effect it might have on them when they are learning.’

The school is exploring the PAGS( Profile, Assessment and Goal Setting) digital platform, to support their neurodiverse community. Personalised targets set through PAGS are key in highlighting both behaviour and achievement plans.