AGM & Convention, Spring 2019


GAMIAN-Europe (Global Alliance of Mental Illness Advocacy Networks-Europe), a patient-driven pan-European organisation, represents the interests of persons affected by mental illness and advocates for their rights.

Gamian Europe is “The voice of patients in mental health”, and leads the European Parliament Interest Group on mental health, well-being and brain disorders.

I represented the ADHD, ASC and LD Belgium, as a board member, at the  AGM & Convention, Spring 2019 in Bucharest, Romania on the 23-24th March 2019

Convention scope: 

To provide information on the chronic diseases and their impact on the person experiencing depression

To provide an opportunity for patient groups and others interested in depression and comorbidity to obtain the latest information and to learn together about their management.

I had the opportunity to meet John Bowis, OBE, International Health Policy Advisor, former Conservative MP and MEP.


I also met Chaira Samele, Director at Informed thinking. She made an introduction of the project: looking at the relationship between patient and psychiatrist. 

Dr Alan Cohen, Director of Primary Care at the West London Mental Health spoke about Trust, Depression and Comorbidity: Symptoms and Treatment. His talk was very interesting, looking at physical health and depression. Diabetes increase the risk of depression. Anti-depressive medication does not affect diabetes, but GP should screen patients with diabetes for depression. He also mentioned e-screening, e-health and self-management. 

Mireille Pellegrini Petit, Clinical Psychologist at Thrive Positive, Malta spoke about: Building resilience though Positive strategies. This was a presentation on Positive Psychology, connected to CBT, but more focus on building resilience, bounce back, finding positive ways to coping, opportunities for growth and connect the positives. 

“There is a beauty in the struggle”