The Grove School trial


PAGS is currently being trialled in a number of schools and colleges.

The Grove School caters for students aged 7–19 with a primary diagnosis of autism and additional needs including cognitive impairment, speech and language difficulties or difficulties associated with social communication.

Lucia Santi, the Headteacher, mentions in her foreword; “The school aims to enable every child to flourish by encouraging and building upon their unique strengths and interests.” 

They want to be part of PAGS trial as in addition to academic achievement; they aim to develop every child’s social, emotional and personal development.

June Hill, PAGS Assessor, mentions: “PAGS shows the strengths of the child as well as their developmental needs. In order to develop the higher level skills that lead to independence, it is important that the gaps in early skills are addressed.”

The Grove School and their wonderfully open and enthusiastic teachers