Learning and Memory Workshop feedback


What are your thoughts about the training and how this training has helped you?

I enjoyed the training on learning and memory. It was a very interactive session, which aimed at bridging the theoretical knowledge on brain development and cognition with the practical implication in a classroom. The trainer clearly described the lobes in the brain and their functions providing some food for thought on potentially efficient teaching approach. The environment was friendly and inviting for personal inputs or considerations providing the space for learning from each other and sharing our experience. We also were shown some easy and helpful tricks on how to initiate a presentation of the brain to the children, we sung, worked in groups and reflected on potential challenges working with neurodiverse learners on the basis of the neuroscientific overview we acquired. Such experience deepened our understanding of the roots and causes of some child’s behaviors as well as demonstrated the brighter side of such children switching the focus to more positive perception of neurodiversity.

I have learned about the Cognitive theory in Autism, namely the one proposed by Dr. Lawson “Single attention and associated cognition autism”, which is based on monotropism and to some extent can be related to Dr. Aires approach of sensory Integration.

I will read the executive summary of Dr. Lawson’s doctoral dissertation to learn more about her proposed approach to working with the ASD children, as well as check other suggested research sources. Also, I will share the brain presentation technique with the educators I work with to present the brain in a meaningful and interactive manner to the children.

What was really good about the training?It’s interactive mode and a possibility to socially construct my understanding about the presented subject in a meaningful way.

Reported by Julia Boegaeva

Feliciea Jibson