So, why PAGS®?

PAGS® assesses the skills individuals need in order to be able to navigate their way through education, work and life.  These skills underpin academic learning, and without them individuals struggle in the classroom, making the attainment of qualifications unnecessarily out of the reach of many of our students.  PAGS® supports users to develop these necessary skills in individuals.

Learners may not follow a developmental pattern in the acquisition of skills therefore significant gaps in the attainment of the individual can be missed, as a certain level of performance might automatically credited from early skills by assumption.

PAGS® has been developed to work alongside any academic curriculum. 

Who is PAGS® for?

PAGS® has been developed to be used with children and young adults between the ages of 5 and 25 who have: a social communication difficulty (including autism), pervasive developmental disorder (PDD); conduct disorder, attachment disorder, global developmental delay, or mental health problems.

What is PAGS®?

PAGS® is an assessment tool that promotes a ‘can do’ approach; recognising the uniqueness of each learner, and provides goal-setting information for personalized learning.

The PAGS® framework aims to guide learners, families, practitioners and professionals, and show them their future steps in a practical way, while at the same time gauging the learner's progress and recognising their achievements.

The assessment will produce a summary of the learner’s strengths and weaknesses in all areas as a guide to the skills that will need to be developed.

How do we use PAGS®?

PAHS deliver data-driven, research-proven answers to educators’ questions through interconnected assessment and goal setting targets. These questions assess our learners’ functional skills to determine the next best step in enabling their academic journey.

  • Assess students in depth and get a profile

  • Assess engaging, research-proven practice communication and cognition assessments, then monitor progress toward growth goals

  • Connect data with insight and relevant instructional programmes

  • Learn best practices and gain confidence, whether in-person, online/virtually, or a blend of both with PAGS®/professional services.